To serve God in our neighbours by elevating the living standard of the poorest of the poor in our various communities, making sure that they have the basic needs ever.


OKIJA Cultural Festival

Over recent years, the Okija Cultural Festival has earned its place at the heart of the Anambra State calendar. In a celebration of Igbo culture, the Foundation hosts the Face of Okija, the Okija Wrestling Festival and the Okija Music Festival.
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Obijackson Hospitals

The Obijackson Women and Children’s Hospital is an ultramodern institution specializing in paediatric and women’s healthcare in South-Eastern Nigeria.
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IBADAN Mercy Home

As a social intervention initiative, the Ibadan Mercy Home provides shelter, nutrition, healthcare and supervision and pastoral guidance to orphaned and vulnerable children, and adolescents. The effort is geared towards providing a platform for youth development and empowerment.
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