Losing one’s spouse at any stage of live is not an enviable situation. From recent research, the continuous increase in the rate of widows as the day goes by is palpable and a matter of great concern. These widows are left alone as sole breadwinners for their families by their immediate relatives not minding if they have a good source of livelihood; so disheartening. Widows are widely neglected by their relatives and some of these widows can scarcely afford a square meal per day, yes, they do exist.

These widows also have children to cater for in these bad conditions and at times are left with no other option but to give out their kids as housemaids to wealthy families in the city having consolation that at least that child can feed or will be taken to school by the warders, but in the real sense not knowing the situation the child is left to deal with in the city. Their children go through lots of laborious situations.

The obijackson foundation has made it an utmost priority to reach out to these widows, some of which we have started small scale businesses for through our empowerment scheme. Others, are provided their basic needs on monthly basis. We support over 480 widows through our monthly soup kitchen program called the Nutrition Program asides the empowerment program.


Food items to be shared to the widows in one of our soup kitchen program


Putting a smile on a widow’s face means a whole lot, the little you give goes a whole long way to helping them meet a need, look around you and indulge in giving today, don’t procrastinate - as the popular saying goes; ‘Givers never lack’.

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