"… [He] who opens a school door, closes a prison [one]." -Victor Hugo

To liberate our community from under-development, we must liberate the minds of individuals through education. Obijackson Foundation addresses issues of universality, equity and supports infrastructural development. Our multi-faceted programmes aim to make quality education accessible to the financially challenged.



Of the 61 million primary school age children currently out of school around the world, 8.7 million are from Nigeria. Reasons why children go uneducated are diverse and include their parents’ inability to afford school fees, long distance to school, early marriage of the girl child, inadequate infrastructure and materials to support learners’ needs, a lack of qualified teachers  etc. Obijackson Foundation gives Scholarships to children of the poor, sponsoring them from kindergarten to university level. These scholarships are purely merit-based through a series of rigorous examinations and screening exercises. We do not only give scholarships to the indigent; we also motivate, mentor and guide them towards making informed decisions about their studies and future career

School Supplies, Training and Facility Renovations

We know that high-quality education is near impossible without proper facilities; we renovate schools in our communities to give our educational infrastructure a much-needed facelift. Every year, we distribute thousands of exercise books to pupils in our community to lessen the financial burden on their parents.

We make learning easily accessible through our consistent donation of textbooks, computer suites and laboratory equipment to schools.

Teachers are also key players in our efforts to free our society from ignorance. We give financial incentives to teachers in various schools, as well as organize seminars and workshops to retrain and refresh and keep teachers updated with modern teaching techniques.


We organize annual quiz and essay competitions for primary and secondary schools in our communities. Winners are rewarded with cash prizes and scholarships, while computer suites are donated to schools to commend their efforts.


Reading Initiatives

We also organise reading sessions in our community through the Roving library initiative to resuscitate and bolster the seemingly waning reading culture in our society today.

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Our work extends to youth empowerment through sports. We go beyond organizing competitions; we utilize sport as a platform for promoting the talents of our youth and positioning them on the international stage. This offers talented young people the opportunity to provide financially for their families.

 Football Tournaments

We organize football tournaments annually for the youths and students in our local communities and beyond, where they can mesmerize the world with their skills and unearth their raw talents. We are dedicated to growing football stars for our nation. Students who emerge winners in our football competitions are placed on scholarships and guided towards successful engagement in sports without abandoning their education. This also serves as a way to get our youths positively engaged to keep them away from many social vices indulged in by idle minds.

St. Peter’s Stadium, Okija

The Obijackson Foundation built St. Peters Stadium Okija, which has now become the home of sporting activities in the south-east and beyond. When it comes to sports, we create the platform and we expect youths to come, perform and be empowered.