"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." -Maimonides

At the Obijackson Foundation, we believe that empowerment is a social imperative. Our quest is to encourage individuals, especially youths and women, to become independent and productive members their communities and society at large. We also support communities in infrastructural improvements along government strides.



Youths are an invaluable resource to the growth of any nation. No country flourishes without significant investment in its young people. Every year, we send hundreds of youths to reputable companies all over Nigeria to acquire basic work skills, which will ultimately help them develop career paths. We organise vocational training for youths and subsequently offer financial support to start-up small and medium-sized enterprises. The Foundation in her bid to make the people self-reliant established the Community Micro-Credit Empowerment Program in March 2016.  It is believed that through this means, the people can be self-sustaining. It is our hope that as their businesses grow, beneficiaries will be able to employ one or two persons, thus reducing unemployment rate in our society.



We know that economic and human prosperity depends on reliable infrastructure and community development. As a social enterprise, we propel socio-economic growth through our community empowerment initiative and infrastructural development schemes.

Specifically, the foundation constructs rural roads, town halls, and even churches for communities. We have boosted local power supply by donating transformers, which has proved especially beneficial to small and medium enterprises in rural areas. By supporting community-based vigilante groups and providing patrol vehicles to security agencies, we have enhanced the security of lives and property in our society.

Ultimately, we lead by example; inspiring communities to implement infrastructural developments that compliment governmental projects.



Our work extends to youth empowerment through sports. We go beyond organizing competitions; we utilize sport as a platform for promoting the talents of our youth and positioning them on the international stage. This offers talented young people the opportunity to provide financially for their families.

 Football Tournaments

We organize football tournaments annually for the youths and students in our local communities and beyond, where they can mesmerize the world with their skills and unearth their raw talents. We are dedicated to growing football stars for our nation. Students who emerge winners in our football competitions are placed on scholarships and guided towards successful engagement in sports without abandoning their education. This also serves as a way to get our youths positively engaged to keep them away from many social vices indulged in by idle minds.

St. Peter’s Stadium, Okija

The Obijackson Foundation built St. Peters Stadium Okija, which has now become the home of sporting activities in the south-east and beyond. When it comes to sports, we create the platform and we expect youths to come, perform and be empowered.