OKIJA Cultural Festival

Over recent years, the Okija Cultural Festival has earned its place at the heart of the Anambra State calendar. In a celebration of Igbo culture, the Foundation hosts the Face of Okija, the Okija Wrestling Festival and the Okija Music Festival


The Face of Okija is a beauty pageant with a difference. It is an annual, cultural, beauty pageant aimed at rejuvenating Igbo culture, one that is badly eroded by western influences. The Face of Okija supports and promotes Igbo language and culture and lays emphasis on decency, modesty, humility and being the archetypal African woman.

The contestants undergo one month of rigorous training in aerobics, dance, drama, cultural values and carriage. The winner, who must epitomize the Obijackson Foundation's values and principles, goes home with a brand new car, while other contestants are handsomely rewarded. She and other contestants will become the ambassadors of Obijackson Foundation and Igbo culture. read more at www.faceofokija.com

OKIJA Wrestling Festival, MGBA Okija

The Okija Wrestling Festival (MGBA OKIJA) is one of Nigeria’s biggest traditional events. Geared towards fostering peace, unity and social interaction, it is also a display of our rich cultural heritage. The festival has transformed Okija into a tourist destination, attracting spectators and scouts from across Nigeria and beyond. The platform also provides a springboard for winners to pursue professional careers in traditional wrestling. We create the platform and we expect the youths to come, perform and be empowered.

With a star prize of a six million naira Toyota Hiace and two million naira in cash, winners are richly empowered and rewarded. Runners up also receive a handsome prize.

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